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Want more energy? Take a break, mama!

Ever have a day where you were excited about something and, as a result, little tasks around the house didn’t bother you? You could fly through them? 

Or, what about a day when you actually took time for a few re-energizing minutes outside, feet in the grass, the sun on your face? I bet you approached the next couple of hours with renewed focus and even satisfaction.

And then there are those days when you just keep working harder, so worn out by bedtime you either collapse or zone out in front of the tv. 

The difference? The first two examples remind us what it feels like to be in harmony with our natural energy rhythms. The last, well, doesn’t.



Energy management is an approach to moving through daily life that takes into account your natural rhythms, your personal ebbs and flows. I even like to take it one step farther by considering how the movement through your menstrual cycle also amplifies these rhythms, moving us into days where our energy might be overall higher or lower.

Structuring your day around your personal rhythms is a great first step if you’ve been longing for a do-able self care routine. A few moments of recharge and reset, scattered throughout your day puts a lovely pause on the overwhelm and prevents the depletion that comes from “just working harder.”

Your Daily Energy Mandala

The following audio class walks you through creating a daily energy mandala.

You’ll learn:

  • how to identify where you are out of harmony with your natural energy rhythms
  • how making small shifts can create harmony, and
  • how to pick a small shift that is do-able and ready to start immediately

Click the link to take a listen. Make sure to print out a copy of an energy mandala (below) or have a journal handy before you start. I’ve also summarized all of the steps below, so don’t worry about taking notes:



Summary of Energy Mandala Lesson:

1. Download an energy mandala here –

2. In the inner circle map you entire day. A general day is good enough, as your rhythms are biologically set and don’t really change all that much.

3. Get real – consider what’s working during your day and what’s not

4. Use the outer circle to identify where you can insert a break. Mark it down.

5. Next look for energy leaks. Is there a time during the day that feels out of harmony with your natural energy rhythm. What would help? Is there a transition or task you can delete, defer for later (or even another season of mamahood), delegate to someone else, or do differently.

6. Decide and document in the outer circle at least one small shift you can start immediately. Looking for ideas on simple small steps? Check out this article.


In my next post I’ll take the material one step further and we’ll look at how to optimize your to-do’s to where you are in your menstrual cycle (or lunar cycle if that makes more sense for you).



Lisa Grace Byrne, wellgroundedlife.com

Ali Shapiro, alishapiro.com

The Twenty Minute Break: Reduce Stress, Maximize Performance, Improve Health and Emotional Well-Being Using the New Science of Ultradian Rhythms by Ernest Lawrence Rossi

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