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The SUMMER of YES! Workbook
 The Only Summer Resource You'll Ever Need - PDF and printable workbook

This workbook is for you if you…

*wake up feeling uninspired and unmotivated to start the day

*find yourself bristling every time your little one wants your attention

*feel confused as to what to do when you get a few minutes of unscheduled time, all to yourself - so you just hop on social media/eat/watch tv

*focus on the struggles of mamahood whenever someone asks “How are you?”

*stay up later and later each night to get some “me time” (but rather than do something that feeds your soul you binge watch Netflix)


Or perhaps you…

*have a strong desire to live in greater alignment with what really matters

*have a basic self-care routine but want to kick it up a notch

*want to know how to better live in harmony with the rhythms of your monthly cycle

*crave deep connections - with your intuition and creativity, with

 with your friends, with nature and, most importantly, with your family

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