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Mama Self-Care During a Move

In my last post I gave some of the strategies that have helped me maintain a sense of order and accomplishment during our recent move. You can read my top ten tips here.  As a follow-up I thought it would be a good idea to add some ideas for

mama self-care during a move

Mama Self-Care During a Move

An important part of keeping my sanity has been to maintain my self-care practices and routines.  Some that have had the biggest impact are:

  • Water – I start the day with a glass of water.  I make sure to keep a glass or water bottle nearby, throughout the day.  If I leave the house I take a bottle of water with me.  I drink herbal tea before I go to bed.  When I don’t drink enough water I get cranky and I have trouble focusing.  Moving can also bring up feelings of loss and uncertainty.  Drinking enough water helps send your body the message that it’s safe and that it’s ok to relax.
  • Rest – Sure you can stay up all night packing.  You might even have to at some point during the move.  Whenever possible, however, keep your regular sleep schedule.  Also, take a break every afternoon to recharge your battery.  Fifteen minutes away from your to-do’s and social media will do wonders for your focus and productivity.  This is a great time to go for a quiet walk with your little one, read a book together, or even do some meditation or yoga together.
  • Choose a focus – Pick what you are focusing on and do it with full attention.  If you’ve scheduled time for packing, think about barriers to focusing on that task and come up with solutions for removing those barriers.  For example, if you like to check FaceBook every 5 minutes, then keep your computer turned off while you are packing.  Likewise, when it’s time to connect with your family and your little one, don’t try to sneak in some extra packing.  Also, don’t forget to schedule in time for activities that give you energy and bring you joy.
  • Keep a landing pad for all the mental stuff – Moving involves lots and lots of details, as well as problems to be solved quickly.  Keep a pen and paper handy so you can get these details out of your head.  Later you can use your list when you make your plans for next steps needed.  Or, if you get a few extra minutes, scan you list for quick to complete tasks.
  • Stick with routines that work – identify the daily practices, rituals, and routines that provide structure and balance to your day.  Three of my most important touchstones are an energizing morning routine, a restful lunch break, and spending time each evening planning for the next day.  It’s easy to let these drop when I get busy but really, they don’t take up much time and maintaining them almost always makes the difference between chaos and calm.
  • Move your body joyfully – packing and carrying boxes doesn’t count! A slow and gentle walk, a few rounds of sun salutations, a dance break – whatever makes brings you back into your body, energizes you, and elicits some joy.
  • Stay present – Packing can be overwhelming, bringing up uncomfortable feelings.  Let yourself feel the feelings.  Stop if you need to for a moment and ride the wave of emotion.  Notice how it moves through your body and is then released.  If it seems that a feeling needs further attention you have two choices – you can sit with the feeling and explore it in that moment, or you can jot a note in your landing pad and dive into it later.  Your feelings are an important guide to what needs your focus and what actions need to be taken.
  • Pause – if anything else, frequently throughout your day stop for a moment.  Take a deep breath, ground your feet, and smile. All is good and everything will get done.

As you can see, good self-care is good self-care, no matter the season, no matter what challenges are in front of you.  The key is start with one habit and build on the momentum of good feeling it gives you.  I’ll be diving deeper with self-care practices in my upcoming class “Discover Your Joy in Seven Days.”  Be the first to know when enrollment opens by signing up for my mailing list (in the sidebar).

What’s one of your favorite self-care strategies?  Share in the comments below as well as on Instagram (@mandalasformamas).  Peace and happiness, mamas.

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