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Have You Lost Your Sparkle? Here’s How to Find It.

Bring sparkle back to your life by connecting daily to your cyclical nature.

The challenge: When you’re depleted and overwhelmed life loses its sparkle

The thing to remember: As women, we are cyclical in nature. When we connect to our cyclical nature we are guided towards daily practices that eliminate stress and restore calm.

The practice: Small shifts in how you respond to stress can make space for a calm mind, heart, and body.

I can feel her, in the backseat, getting ready to scream. And once the screaming starts I. Just. Can. Not. Deal. I can’t fix this situation, I won’t give into buying whatever it is she’s set her mind on, I know this. But as my body tenses in reaction I feel like an alien has taken over and I am powerless over what is going to happen next…

Soon she’s screaming and I’m screaming back.  This isn’t what I want for our relationship and yet here we are again. Sometimes I feel like I’m just not cut out for this motherhood thing.

There are so many things about motherhood that are overwhelming and depleting -the constant-ness, the unpredictability, the stress of being responsible for another person. And yet, with some small shifts, we can transform stressors into a restorative experience.

What it means to have a cyclical nature:

As women we are naturally tapped into the cyclical nature of life; some of us experience it in our monthly cycles others in a love for the rhythms of the seasons changing or the moon’s journey through the sky.

Ever wonder why standing on the shore of the ocean can be so powerful? It’s because the ebb and the flow of the tide calls us back to our own cyclical awareness. For every low tide there is a high tide, for every in breath there is an out breath, for every tantrum, there is a hug.

What’s gone wrong:

Many of us, however, have lost touch with our cyclical nature. We’ve learned that it’s more important to look like we’re mistresses of our life, everything is Pinterest-perfect, that we have unlimited energy reserves to make the best decisions and the most loving acts all of the time.

And… this disconnect has left us overwhelmed and depleted…

Make the shift:

When you start to tap into your cyclical nature amazing things happen. You begin to live in tune with what your soul and body are truly longing for. Slowly you’ll notice that, when a wave of stress begins to creep in, like magic, you’ll realize you have a choice. Will this stress overwhelm you or can you use it as information that something needs to shift?

Space to get rid of what no longer works:

Often times the shift that needs to happen is to eliminate something. Sure, during parts of our monthly cycle we’ve got Wonder Woman powers, but not all the time. And even on Wonder Woman days we still can’t go full force 24-7.

When you’re under siege from overwhelm it can feel impossible to figure out what’s causing it.  Mama life is hard!! There are always too many things and people who need your attention. It all feels urgent and important.

But is it really?

Most of us have a handful, maybe 3-5, stress triggers that create a false sense of urgency. What’s beneath your drive to take care of EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW? Is it a repetitive thought habit like “If I don’t fix this right now everything will fall apart and that is more than I can handle. Better stay on top of it.” Or is yours more of a body-based habit where once things reach a certain noise level you tighten up, sending the signal to your brain to get ready to run away or – the mommy version of fighting – start yelling.


A place to rest and restore:

Sometimes, before we can get rid of a stress habit, we need to build up our reserves. Think about the annual seasons; nature goes through a process of replenishing and restoring abundance before it moves into a period of harvest and then decomposition/elimination. If you have a menstrual cycle you may notice that you get a burst of unstoppable energy a few days before you start the restorative time of your menstruation.

It’s all the same – periods of abundance working in harmony with periods of simplicity.

When you are physical depleted and mentally overwhelmed sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to restore your body. Drink plenty of water, get enough rest, take in adequate nutrition.

A nourished body is a calm body. It knows that, when a stress habit shows up, it can make a shift from a place of restoration rather than survival.

Consider that for a moment, mama… how does that awareness feel in your body? Does it ring true? Take a deep breath and let that sink in for a moment.


Our cyclical nature requires that, like the passing seasons, we move in harmony with letting go of what is no longer needed and with bringing in restoration and nourishment. This is a daily practice mama and, in embracing our cyclical nature, we have all the guidance and tools we need to take the journey.

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