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My Favorite Resources for Cycle Tracking

a few of my favorite cycle tracking resources


Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden

Female Energy Awakening by Miranda Gray

Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray

Red Moon by Miranda Gray

The Summer of YES! by Jennifer Lawrence (me!!)

Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister

The Woman’s Quest by Alexandra Pope

The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler – great website too, with lots of info about fertility awareness management, free charts and a free tracking app.


Apps and Trackers:

Progressive Cycle Tracker by Jennifer Lawrence


The Flow

The New Moon Calendar and Journal by April Miller McMurtry (affiliate link) – especially useful if you are interested in tracking natural cycles instead of a menstrual cycle



Cycle Tracking Course with Jennifer Lawrence

Worldwide Womb Blessing and in-person workshops with Miranda Gray

Moon Goddess Miracles with Jessica McClesky Hood


These resources are all things I’ve used or created. I am not an affiliate for any (unless noted) and did not receive any of these resources in trade for a review or compensation. If I used it and I liked it, it made the list!


Love the list and want to print out a PDF for your files? Make sure to sign up for the membership library below and you’ll have instant access to it, as well as a bunch more goodies! 


What tools and resources have you used that should be on this list? Please share in the comments…

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