Have you ever wondered why you feel like a different person from week to week, maybe even day to day? Let me tell you a secret that’s going to rock your world…

You ARE a different person each day!

Get to know your personal rhythms, the natural ebb and flow of your hormones, and embrace all of the creative and restorative power of your feminine cycle.


This course covers:


  • Video 1: How to Track

  • Video 2: What to Track

  • Video 3: Irregular cycle? No cycle? No problem! Tracking lunar and seasonal cycles to connect with your feminine energy

  • Video 4: How to Use Your Tracking Data

  • Video 5: The Energetics of Each Phase of Your Cycle – An Introduction


Each video is no longer than 15 minutes and is divided into bite-size chunks. You’ll be able to watch it in bite-size chunks and put what you learn into immediate practice.


A recent participant shared

“I’m loving my tracker. So much insight even on the first round!”   


This is course is for you if:


  • you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and depleted

  • you feel like a “good” mom, as long as it isn’t the week before your period

  • you feel yucky more days than not

  • you long for a simple and effective way to create a sustainable self-care practice

  • you know that your cycle is so much more than your period or tracking your ovulation for fertility, but your not sure what else there is to know


Questions? Feel free to email me – jennifer@mandalasformamas.com

Hi! I’m Jenwebsite photonifer and I’m a mama, just like you. I’m passionate about helping woman connect to their power source, their feminine power. Let me help you decipher the messages your body is sending you through menstrual discomfort and overwhelm. Once you learn the patterns of your natural rhythms you will be unstoppable!