Welcome to our circle, our mandala of mamas who, just like you, are committed to

• fierce self-care

• nourishing and growing our capacities to handle the tough stuff

• inspired living

I’m Jennifer, a mama, just like you. I created this sacred mandala for mamas as a way to share the lessons that have arrived in my life since becoming a mother.

• postpartum depression

• feeling chronically overwhelmed

• struggling to find harmony in my daily rhythms

• menstrual dis-ease and hormonal imbalances that led to unpredictable moods, extreme fatigue, and constant irritability

• lack of follow-through and an overall feeling that I could never get a handle on anything

These are just a few of the struggles that forced me to wake up, to pay attention to the lessons I needed to learn. What I know now is that..

…each day in my motherhood journey has been a practice in letting go, embracing the present moment, and extending deep deep compassion towards myself.

I created this space to share tools and inspiration: how to treat yourself with compassion and gentleness, and how to have the courage to be present with your life as it is right now.  I’ve curated the most important lessons a busy mama needs, and I’ll help you move forward with your next step.

I’m so glad you are here.

This is a space, a sacred mandala, just for you, to explore your powerful feminine spirit and how it is expressed through your motherhood journey.

This is a safe circle to share struggles and celebrations. A space to try new tools and ideas.  A place to discover your joy.  Welcome!

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website photoHey mamas! I’m Jennifer and I’ll be your guide on this journey of self care and discovery. Two weeks after my daughter was born we moved across the United States for my husband’s job – and away from my support network and my usual routines. Life as I knew it was over, in more ways than I had the resilience to take on. I expected motherhood to have its challenges; however I found myself lacking any sense of happiness. A sensitive baby who didn’t sleep (still doesn’t) and no reflection or guidance for what I was experiencing left me drained and truly hopeless. A pregnancy injury left me physically in pain and emotionally distraught over my ability to perform daily tasks. My saving grace was when I joined my local MOMs club and began to build a community of beautiful, supportive, also sometimes struggling mamas. And so started a journey of healing. I’m like you, just beginning to discover this amazing woman who is also mother to a spirited little girl. Part of this process has been supporting other mamas on this journey, helping them discover their own truths, their own voices, and their own inner strengths. I hope here in this community of amazing, courageous mamas that you find some useful tools. Thank you so much for allowing me to travel with you!

Jennifer Lawrence, MA, LPC, ATR is a licensed professional counselor and registered art therapist who has over 20 years experience as an educator and therapist. She lives in central New Jersey with her daughter and husband.