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10 Simple and Meaningful Ways to Savor Nature This Summer

Summer is the season of savor.

We are naturally pulled to slow down, sink in, and open our hearts to how truly FABULOUS our lives are.

Less rushing, warm weather, easier everything draws us into the present moment, sending a loud and clear message to our bodies and souls – you are safe, this moment matters, you can handle whatever is in your heart.

Mama, if it sounds like I’m describing some kind of mystical Shangri-la look no further than your own backyard. It’s time to embrace your joyful life and soak up some nature…


10 simple and meaningful ways


Here are 10 ideas to bring in more nature and get your savor on. These are all perfect to do solo, with a mama friend, with a partner and as a family.

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Go barefoot
  3. Clean-up a stretch of public space
  4. Take a walk – early in the morning or after dinner, divine…
  5. Observe the changing moon phases
  6. Plant and tend a garden
  7. Spend time near water (e.g. the beach, an outdoor fountain, an aquarium)
  8. Keep a basket full of natural objects on your desk or kitchen counter. Touch the objects often.
  9. Use found natural objects to make art.
  10. Do a senses mediation – Find a spot outside where you can be comfortable. Close your eyes. Let your attention be fully absorbed by one of your senses. For example, hear ALL the sounds around you. Or completely take in the tactile sensations of the breeze, the sun, the ground under your feet.

The best part? You’re kids will LOVE to do any of these with you!

mama and child in nature

Your turn, mama… What are your favorite ways for getting out in nature? Share in the comments below, or on FaceBook or Instagram. Blessings, Jennifer

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